Software development is a complicated task – Why?

Software is crucial for business success – this is also true for your domain.

  • Requirements that must be met by software are growing.
  • Increasing time-to-market pressure reduces the development time available for increasingly complex software projects.
  • Software interacts with other complex systems.
  • Today´s software must be a firm basis for the software of tomorrow.
  • Advances in software engineering must be realized and implemented appropriately.

Your organization must face these challenges, otherwise your IT projects may be in jeopardy.

  • Software does not meet the requirements: it is unreliable, unmaintainable, …
  • Development unexpectedly needs resources – which are not available.
  • Unforseen problems occur.
  • Project tracking signals good progress – but the path leads in the wrong direction.
  • Focused "training on-the-job" neglects software expertise and limits the developers´ horizons.

iocon gladly offers support to master these challenges!